Meet Dane Bailey
The Singing Auctioneer

In 1969 Dane originally from Berne, IN was called to the ministry and moved to Winona Lake, IN. In 1975 he started attending Grace Theological Seminary. Not having been involved in music in college or thinking about music as a ministry, he was surprised when singing opportunities began to come his way, and the rest is history. Today, Dane, from Huntington, Indiana, is a full-time singer and recording artist with a rich history of music and ministry. He has been traveling, ministering, and entertaining at churches, conferences, conventions, fairs, festival, campgrounds, banquets, and restaurants, as well as appearing on radio and television. He also traveled with a quartet for approximately four years in the late 80’s.

In 2001, Dane was able to take another step his music career by becoming a full-time singer/recording artist. He was travelling throughout the United States doing approximately one hundred dates and covering approximately 13,000 miles a year precovid. He has 17 recordings and 2 live concert videos to his credit. Dane’s recordings present many styles of music. You will find Southern gospel, big band, jazz, blue grass, as well as other styles of music, but through it all, it is uniquely Dane’s voice and style. Do you want to laugh?, “Laughin’ Time’” Patriotic? “I Pledge Allegiance.” Christmas? “Live At Christmas.” And the list goes on with different genres and styles with lots of old hymns and songs for singing along.

With many requests and growing opportunities for marketplace ministry, (outside the church), his broad mix of music helps Dane to present a program for many different types of venues who want entertainment that is wholesome, inspirational, challenging, or a worship experience with a high standard of performance.

Dane is a “real, for sure” professional auctioneer. A growing part of his travels include entertaining and auctioning for a variety of benefit functions. He has helped raise money for churches, missions, fire departments, schools, and many other organizations. He comes to entertain as well as auction and to keep your event lively and fun. A growing number of his concerts especially with churches, include a pie and cake auction. Read what Pastor Ron Holder of the First Church of God, Eustis, Florida had to say of their experience; “Last Sunday evening, we had one of the most delightful times in our recent history. We first enjoyed a tremendous concert by Dane Bailey, “The Singing Auctioneer.” This has been an annual event for 19 years Pastor Ron says, “It is the highlight of our year.” For the past 15 years Wycliffe Associates of Orlando, Fl has held an auction for translating the Bible. It has grown to one of Dane’s largest event. This year, 2022, was the largest auction for the year topping out $101,000.

Dane was a partner in the Martin and Bailey Auction Realty Company in Fort Wayne, IN. He was a licensed real estate broker, and a graduate of Reppert’s School of Auctioneering, Auburn, IN. He taught voice care and vocal training at Repperts for several years. Dane attended Grace College and Grace Theological Seminary and graduated from Tri-State University, Angola, IN.

As one whom God called to the ministry, Dane comes with a sincere desire to encourage you and to challenge you in your daily walk with the Lord, and to be used however and wherever God leads. Matt. 13:3 “Behold the sower went out and sowed” has been Dane’s challenge for his marketplace ministry. This has broadened Dane’s vision of ministry and has helped his walk through doors of opportunity to live his testimony and to share the Good News wherever he is called.